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 My DSL is erratic/and or slow. What now?
 My DSL line is down. Now what?
 "Cannot find the Internet site http://www.example.com..."
 "Dial-Up Networking could not negotiate a compatible set of network protocols..."
   "Port is being used by another device or program..."
 "No dial tone detected..."
 "Cannot detect a response from the modem..."
 Why can't I log in?
My DSL is erratic/and or slow. What now?

1. Reset your DSL by power-cycling the router. Unplug the power cable for about 1 minute and then power back up again.

2. Power down your computer and then restart after about 30 seconds
My DSL line is down. Now what?

1. Power cycle your DSL modem and all network devices.

2. Power cycle your computer.

3. Confirm power to computer and all network devices.

4. Confirm IP address information in your computer or router.

5. Double check all cables connected to the DSL modem and/or your computer.

6. Confirm dial-tone on the DSL phone line.

7. If you have tried all of the following and you still have no network connectivity please contact our Tech Support staff at: 416-324-2665 or 905-624-1953
email: support@ica.net
"Cannot find the Internet site http://www.example.com..."

There are two general causes for this error message:

1. If you can't get to only one or two websites, but can get to other websites, and your e-mail is working, then the Internet site you are trying to go to either does not exist, has been removed, or is experiencing technical problems. Try clicking 'reload', or try again in a few hours.
"Dial-Up Networking could not negotiate a compatible set of network protocols..."

(Windows) Network not configured properly, or corrupted networking files.

- Your system has become unstable and needs rebooting.

- Incorrect or outdated modem drivers.

Common causes of this error are:

1.Incorrect network settings
2.Missing or multiple TCP/IP entries
3.Corrupt Networking files
4.Corrupt Dial-up adapter files
5.Conflicts with other networking/online service software
6.Incorrect or outdated modem drivers

"Port is being used by another device or program..."

- Fax/comm software running
- You are already online
- Modem stuck in off-hook status
- An earlier connection crashed

The most common cause of this error is having some kind of fax or communications software running. Once your modem port is opened by any communications software, no other programs can use the modem. If your new PC came with some kind of "Call Center" software, or you have an external printer/fax combo, you will need to disable it. Contact your computer vendor if you need assistance.

You may already be online.

If this is a sporadic error, your modem may have a difficult time cleanly breaking connections and going into on-hook status. Try powering down the computer, (or shutting off an external modem) and try again.

Your Dial-up networking or connection software may also have become unstable. Reboot and try connecting again.

"No dial tone detected..."

- Modem not connected to phone line properly
- Voice mail service dial tone confusing modem
- Telephone service to phone line disrupted or disconnected

First, make sure that you can hear a dial tone on the line by connecting a telephone to the wall jack.

Make sure your modem is connected properly to the phone line:
Wall jack ----> computer/modem----> telephone handset (optional)

If you have voice mail service, the "stutter" dial tone may confuse some modems. You can set your modem to dial "blindly" without looking for a dial tone in your modem properties configuration.

"Cannot detect a response from the modem..."

- Modem, driver, or communications port not installed correctly
- External modem cable or power supply disconnected

If you have an external modem, make sure that the serial cable and power supply is connected, and that the modem is turned on.

If you have an internal modem, you may have configuration problems. After doing a power-down reboot, try reinstalling the modem drivers. Contact your computer or modem manufacturer for assistance reinstalling your modem.

Why can't I log in?

If you are getting busy signals, simply try another access number. If an error message that reads "TCP/IP cannot connect..." keeps popping up, just reboot your system and it should clear up. Otherwise, the first thing you should do is check to see if you are entering your username and password in lowercase and not capital letters. If that's okay, try clearing the textboxes of all information and re-entering it. Sometimes extra characters get in accidentally. You could also give our accounting department a call and see if your account has been disabled because payment has not been received. If our accounting department has not labeled your account inactive, give us here in Technical Support a call at (905) 624-1953 and we'll give you a hand.
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